Supermicro optimized and configure storage solution. Application optimized fro performance, data center, cloud storage and surveillance storage. Full NVMe Support.
NAS Storage NVME BridgeBay Solution

Optimized Storage Servers

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NAS Storage Server
With multiple HDD contained within a bay systems, NAS devices provide a convenient means of offloading and creating data backups.
NVMe Storage Server
A full line of Supermicro all-flash NVMe storage system which reduces data latency. Enterprise-grade realibility and easy capacity expansion.
Double Top Load Storage
Twice the storage density, improve performance, maximum server performance with support for dual Intel Xeon and future processors.
Supermicro Storage Servers
Supermicro's extensive range of high performance storage solutions. Designed to meet the demands of the toughest storage environment.

Supermicro Storage BridgeBay
Supermicro's SuperStrorag Bridge Bay Solution (SBB) are design and optimized for enterprise, mission -critical, enterprise-level applications..