ASRock is growing momentum within the Cloud Computing Server hardware. Reliable Innovation, advancing technology and out of the box thinking are the key contributors in the growth of their distribution channel. Server Barebone, Motherboards and Mini Pcs are just a few of ASRock's market share.
ASRock Server Barebone, Motherboards and Mini PC

ASRock Cloud Computing Hardware

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ASROCK Innovative Cloud Computing Tecnology
Server Chassis, Barebone, Motherboards and Mini PC

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ASROCK Cloud Computing Server Hardware Building Momentum

Specializing in the field of Cloud Computing Server Hardware, the company is dedicated to bring the Server Industry out of the box thinking. Asrock is committed to server the market with user friendly server hardware, featuring flexible and reliable server components. Innovation, Advancing Technology and Consistent Quality are the key factors that will catapult ASRock to be a major player in the server industry.


ASRock has unveil it's new Broadwell products featuring Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 family. The upgrade features are underpinning various applications such as enterprise, SaaS, HPC, and storage.Improve maximum 40% of performance and 70% of security by its new security features, compared with the predecessor. Among the highest specification, the number of core/thread reach to an amazing 22/44, and cache rises to 55MB.

ASRock the Best Solution for Cloud Computing

ASRock offers high-density storage server in 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U form factor. Servers ideal for web cold storage, high-performance platforms, warm storage server, virtualization, and hyperscale datacenter. ASRock Rack 2U and 3U systems are also ideal for adapting virtualization, professional graphic purposes and cloud gaming system.

ASRock : HPC -Big Data - Convergence

ASRock Rack 3U8G-C612 is a 3U-height server which can support eight of double-width GPU cards, such as NVIDIA® tesla K80. It totally boosts the density of GPU computing, user can install the most of GPU cards in the minimum waste of space.