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Direct Source Server Storage Solutions.

As a true system integrator, Will Jaya offers a broad line of server products which includes Rackmount Servers, Blades Servers, Data Center Solutions, Storage Servers, Embedded Servers, Cloud Servers, GPU Systems, and Workstations. Will Jaya continuously strives to build an excellent team that demonstrates its effectiveness as a performance oriented system integrator, helping customers find the best ways to meet their crucial server needs.


Advantages of working with Will Jaya Team.

  • Passion : Will Jaya’s team is passionate in providing the best server solutions and customer service.
  • Focus : We focus on being responsive to our customer’s needs by providing nimble, flexible, and customized solutions.
  • Fast Turn Around : At Will Jaya, you can be confident that your orders will be processed with minimal delays.
  • Customer Satisfaction : Our Team believes that satisfied customers are vital to Will Jaya's success. We aim to attain total this at all times by delivering a wide range of quality and reliable storage systems and services.

Will Jaya continuously strives to build an Excellent Team by demonstrating our effectiveness as a performance oriented system integrator and helping customers find the best ways to meet their most crucial server needs.

What we do.

Product Lifecycle Management : Will Jaya is intensively focused in bringing your business to the next level. We leverage strong technology partnerships and visibility into product roadmaps to choose components with long lifecycles, thus allowing customers to standardize a platform for an extended period of time- The Will Jaya team will closely manage this process. We provide calculated recommendations on required components, as well as timely control of critical product information and processes at every stage in the product lifecycle. With our complete Product Life-Cycle Management solutions, our experienced team can manage every aspect of your product portfolio, services and fulfilment.

Custom Branding : As part of Will Jaya's efforts to offer the highest level of customization, we will work with you to implement the desired branding and appearance needs of your unique systems. With branding options ranging from custom bezel design to custom colors and full-bezel graphics, packaging, labeling & logos, chassis, and even product documentation- If you need a highly customized look for your servers, “You name it, We will deliver it!


To all of you, from all of us at Will Jaya Inc. - Thank you!