Intelligent Machine

Nvidia Jetson and Jetson TX2 allows industrial robots, drones and intelligent cameras to harness the power of deep learning and AI.
NVIDIA Jetson Developer Module Kit

NVIDIA Jetson Developer Module / Kit

NVIDIA Embedded Jetson Module - Safety & Security

Safety & Security
Advancements in deep learning and AI are helping operators in the security and surveillance space to boost situational awareness for safe city and enterprise applications.
NVIDIA Retail Analytic

Retail Analytic

IVA systems are helping retailers to improve customer satisfaction, business efficiencies, and their bottom line - foot traffic insights for real estate planning and product placement.

NVIDIA Smart Parking

Smart Parking

IVA and connected infrastructure make it easier to find open parking spots in congested areas, which also helps with ROI for cities and parking operators.

NVIDIA Traffic Management

Traffic Management

IVA is helping to measure pedestrian flow and vehicle traffic to dynamically set Transit Signal Priority. This helps to eliminate congestion, easing traffic and reducing pollution.

NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit

NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kit

These are full-featured development platforms for AI computing. They’re ideal for applications requiring high computational performance in a low-power envelope and designed to get you up and running quickly. Both the Jetson TX2 and TX1 dev kits come pre-flashed with a Linux environment, include support for many common APIs, and are supported by NVIDIA's complete development tool chain.

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NVIDIA Jetson Module

These are AI supercomputers the size of a credit card that come loaded with incredible performance. They also feature NVIDIA Jetpack, a complete SDK that includes the BSP, libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and more to accelerate your software development. Jetson modules are supported by the Jetson developer site, which includes documentation, tutorials, and an ecosystem of partners and developers.

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NVIDIA Jetson Module
The NVIDIA Jetson platform taps into the power of deep learning to enable groundbreaking applications.
• Real-time Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) systems are powering smarter, safer AI cities.
• Drones can now perform complex analysis on the edge for faster, more accurate response.
• Autonomous robotics systems can train and collaborate with other robots and people to boost efficiency.
• Business can build more efficient and predictable suply chains and logistics.
• Makers and developers have powerful new tools for exploring the future of AI computing.