AMD A+ Solutions

Supermicro opteron ready servers in 1u, 2u, 3u, 4u rackmount or towers optimized and configured for increase performance and lower TCO
Supermicro A+ AMD Opteron Server Solution

A+ AMD Opteron Ready Servers

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A+ AMD Server Solutions
Multi-core technology, Hyper-Speed Links and Direct Connect Architecture


Will Jaya's wide range of AMD based motherboards and system configuration offers a new level of performance and flexibility. Optimized for 16/12/8-Core AMD Opteron™ 6000 Series processors (Socket G34), boost I/O performance with PCI-E 2.0 to double throughput, increase performance, reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

These A+ Solutions complement existing high-performance Opteron-based product line with a new cost-effective, energy efficient G34 server platform. With computing power and flexibility to efficiently handle the demands of running a cloud environment while meeting their bottom-line requirements with a balance of performance, efficient power consumption, and price.

Recognize as a leader in high-performance computing (HPC), the entire range of the AMD- based solutions include MP, DP and UP severs as well as workstations in 1U, 2U and 4U, tower and blade factors. AMD Tailored to your specification / applications, we ship each system ready for deployment. With our uncompromising quality control and expert engineers, you can rest assured that your system(s) are fully optimized, functional and compatible.