Direct Server Storage Solution

Custom Chassis & Bezel tailor made to your specification
NAS Storage
Scalable Expansion to Store, Backup, Manage and Share
Supermicro UltraServers
Deliver Unrivaled Performance, Flexibility, and Scalability
NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express)
Offer Excellent Performance and Latency Capability Server Solution
Multi-processor Server Systems based on Intel® Xeon® processors
High Energy Efficiency | High-Density | Designed for Cloud
Deep integration of compute, networking, & storage hardware
Supermicro Solutions with NEW AMD Opteron™ Processors
Edgecore Cumulus Routers & Switches
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Delivering solid performance, reliability, optimization, and scalability. Will Jaya is becoming to be the IT Professional's source for custom-built servers and workstation for businesses, universities, research and goverment agency. The difference between us and our competitor is the added value that we provide to our clients. At Will Jaya, we treat all our clients as our business partners.

We will build a highly optimized, custom server based on your specific needs; you tell us what you need, and our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team will customize a system based on your requirements. Our system engineers will then review the recommended hardware components to ensure performance and reliability.

Our service covers all kinds of applications including: Intel / AMD server solutions, Blade System Solutions, Storage Solutions, Mission Critical Solutions, NVMe Servers, TwinBlades, 1U-2U-3U-4U-5U Rackmounts, Workstations, Virtualization/Cloud Solutions.

For immediate assistance, please E-MAIL us at our dedicated sales team and technicians will quickly respond within 24 hours. You can also utilize our online chat system for instant response. Your companies would realize the added value that we bring and significant cost saving with our competitive offering.


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