NVIDIA Platform

NVIDIA accelerated GPU Applications such as AI and Deep Learning are revolutionizing analytics. Computers are now able to learn and recognize patterns from data that were considered too complex for expert written software.
NVIDIA GPU accelerated platform

The NVIDIA Pascal™ accelerated computing platform

Nvidia AI and Deep Learning
NVIDIA delivers GPU acceleration everywhere you need it - to data centers, desktops, laptops, and the world’s fastest supercomputers.
Nvidia Data Center Platform
From scientific discovery to artificial intelligence, modern data centers are key to solving some of the world’s most important challenges.
Nvidia Design and Pro Visualization
NVIDIA extends the power of NVIDIA GPUs to virtual workstations, desktops and apps, delivering a consistently great user experience for everyone.
Nvidia GeForce Gaming
Seamless, cinematic experiences in 4K, HDR, and beyond. Even immersive, next-gen VR. This is gaming perfected.
Nvidia GPU Cloud
NVIDIA GPU Cloud provides researchers and data scientists with simple access to a comprehensive catalog of GPU optimized software for deep learning and high performance computing (HPC).
Nvidia GPU Grid
The NVIDIA GRID platform offers the highest levels of performance, flexibility, manageability, and security - offering the right level of user experience for any virtual workflow.
Nvidia Intelligent Machine
Real time Artificial Intelligence (AI) performance where you need it most with the high-performance, NVIDIA Jetson TX2. Processing of complex data can now be done on-board edge devices.
Nvidia Product Technology
NVIDIA products from the complete range of Tesla, Quadro, and GeForce. Also AI and Deep Learning platforms products such as DGX System, DGX-1 and GPU Cloud.
How to Get Started with DGX-1 for Analytics

NVIDIA DGX-1 is the world's first supercomputer for AI-accelerated analytics. Data scientists can now be more productive, work on larger data sets in real time, and find actionable insights faster. DGX-1 also speeds analytics applications by 100x and visualizes billions of data points in real-time. The pre-integrated platform includes an optimized software stack for accelearted analytics that delivers supercharged productivity, scalability, and adaptability.

NVIDIA DX-1 Solution
Discover the benefit of NVIDIA DGX SYstem
Powered by NGC Deep Learning Stack
• Integrated suite of optimized deep learning software
• Simplified workload management

Getting Started Quickly
• Get started in one day instead of months
• Simplified workload management
• Simply unpack, plug-in, and start getting results

Greater Productivity
• Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in enineering effort
• Avoid months of lost productivity spent on IT

Performance WIthout Compromise
• NVIDIA DGX Systems with Volta offers 3X the speed of Prior generations
• Deep learning training, inference and accelerated analytic in one system