OEM ODM Server IO Shield Main

Will Jaya offers a variety of server branding options and custom I/O Shield options to achieve your product identification and brand recognition.
OEM ODM IO Shield Banner
OEM ODM Custom Server Bezel Branding
OEM ODM Custom Server Chassis Branding
OEM ODM Custom IO Shield Branding
OEM ODM Custom Server Packaging Branding

Custom I/O Shields

A typical I/O faceplate complete with legacy (serial,parallel,keyboard and mouse) and other port types tailored to your specificaiton. We pay close attention to your specification in order to avoid overlapping, port misidentification and fitting issues.

I/O Shield Port Labeling
Port Labeling
• Color-coded polycarbonate labels are used to identify ports.
I/O Shield Color Coding
Color Coding
• Iconography are used for quick port identification
I/O Shield Sill Labeling
Sill Labeling
• Color coded labels placed on sills of the i/o shields
I/O Shield Sill Labeling
Lid Labeling
• Vinyl port map label are situated outside or inside case cover

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