OEM ODM Server Chassis

Will Jaya offers a variety of server branding options and custom server chassis designs to achieve your product identification and brand recognition.
OEM ODM Customize Server Chassis
OEM ODM Custom Server Bezel Branding
OEM ODM Custom Server Chassis Branding
OEM ODM Custom IO Shield Branding
OEM ODM Custom Server Packaging Branding

OEM ODM Customize Server Chassis

Will Jaya's server customization service offers solutions for virtually any industry, and at the highest level of quality. Based on your specifications, we can customize to complement your exixting product line to build the ideal solution for your business.

• from concept to completion
• your choice of materials, color and styles
• digital prototyping
• logistic support
• continued post-sales support


• Rackmount, Tower or Portable enclosure
• Server Storage Solution
• Custom Configuration
• Bezel & Faceplate
• I/O Shields Labeling

Design Services

• Accurate Drawings
• 3D Rendering Design
• Digital Prototyping
• Packaging Design


• Pantone Color Matching
• Smooth Gloss Finish
• Matte Finish
• Environmental Compliance

Quality Assurance

• Hardware Reliability & Durability
• Thermal-Efficient Testing
• Acoustics & Vibration Testing
• Adherence to Safety Agency Policies

OEM ODM Custom Server Chassis

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