OEM ODM Server Bezel

OEM ODM Custom Server Chassis and Bezel
OEM ODM Custom Server Bezel Branding
OEM ODM Custom Server Chassis Branding
OEM ODM Custom IO Shield Branding
OEM ODM Custom Server Packaging Branding

Custom Manufacturing from Prototype to Production

Experienced mechanical and electrical engineers in premises.

At Will Jaya, we assist your company in creating unique solutions for IT needs. By combining our Team’s passion and technological expertise, we will provide you with a seamless IT solutions experience. Will Jaya is committed to building quality into its products and services. We work with multinational electronics contract manufacturing company to design and manufacture. We have the full support of the largest contract electronics manufacturer to leverage R&D engineering expertise from major suppliers to design a prototype sample into finished OEM systems for our Clients.

Our goal is to provide clients with products that adhere to their time sensitive, cost conscious, and mission critical investment to assist them in maintaining their market leadership. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality products and services. We continue to refine our product and services management processes to ensure customers receive the best quality solutions at a cost effective price.

Our Team has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Federal, state and local government offices, as well as educational institutions. Our operating philosophy has been simple. Keep cost down and pass the savings on to our Clients. Give our dedicated Team a call and get your system configured faster for less. We provide value, end-to-end IT solutions so our customers can stay ahead of other competitors.

Will Jaya's Custom Service Package:

Delivering Commercialized and Quality Finished Products

Will Jaya's optimized racks, design and developed by experienced engineers is ideal for getting started with Apache Hadoop. Leveraging Supermicro's optimized servers and switches as a foundation, Will Jaya has designed two racks to get anyone started - 14U and 42U versions. Will Jaya has focused on integration, remote systems and power management to lower the deployment and commissioning timeframes to provide developers access to native hardware environments, quickly and easily. Will Jaya offer an extensive line of 1U and 2U rack mount servers optimized for Hadoop.

We will work collaboratively with you in order to maximize product performance, keep your project within budget and delivered on time to the highest quality standards. Providing precision and high quality results. Speak to our OEM project managers about your projects, requirements and different pricing options.

Project Planning:

After consulting with our Clients for their specifications and requirements for their desired products, our Team will work to design and present a technical proposal design. The project is officially commences after the proposal, specifications, quotation, and timeline are approved by the Client.

Design Stage:

Each project goes through our manufacturer’s engineering development and testing phases to make sure the final product can meet our Client’s requirements and specifications. Our Team will work closely with our Client to create custom designed faceplates and bezels to generate a unique brand identity.

Prototype Sample Delivery:

After the design and specifications are approved by our Client, our manufacturer will begin building a prototype sample for our Clients approval. Any changes are well documented to ensure the requirements are effectively achieved while maintaining a process that is cost effective and efficient.

Mass Production Management:

As our Client’s hardware partner, our Team will work closely to manage our client’s hardware configuration and alert them to any changes happening with the bill of materials. With our excellent vendor relationships, our team will work closely to manage our client’s configuration and alert them to any changes happening with bill of materials. As our Client’s hardware partner, Will Jaya will handle product EOL notices, any Product Change Notifications, BIOS updates, product life cycle management service and post-sale Services.

Please forward all inquiry to sales@willjaya.com

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