E Series E6000H BladeServer Chassis

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E6000H Blade Server Chassis
Optimized computing density, power, and space utilization, plus high scalability, meet current and future business growth requirements.

For a good balance between computing density and power, and the best fit for your data center, consider this 8U chassis. It houses 10 server blades and redundant PSUs, and fan, management, and switch modules.

The chassis’ scalable architecture balances single-node computing performance with efficient power consumption. Its power conversion efficiency of up to 92% reduces losses from power conversion — a cost-effective AC/DC or DC/DC converter supplies 12V DC power. The E6000H chassis can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack at a depth of at least 1,000 mm.

Huawei server with Intel® Xeon® processor.

Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Huawei E900 Featured Benefits

  • Outstanding performance in a variety of server blades meets low-end, midrange, and high-end user requirements.

  • High efficiency and energy-saving technologies such as power capping, alternate power hibernation, and intelligent fan speed adjustment by area .

  • A passive backplane prevents single point of failures and ensures high reliability and service continuity.
    Card quantity is determined by card’s physical size and signal bandwidth

  • Easy maintenance and management reduces O&M costs.

Product Specification
Form Factor 8U blade server chassis
Server Blades

10 slots for Huawei BH series server blades

Switch Modules Supports the following switch modules:
• NX910 GE pass through module
• NX120 4GFC switch module
• NX220 8GFC switch module
• NX226 8GFC pass through module
• NX112 10GE uplink switch module
• NX113 10GE uplink switch module
• NX230 10GE switch module
PSUs Up to 6 hot-swappable PSUs:
• AC: 1,600W
• –48V DC: 1,300W
Redundancy: N+N or N+M
*Note: N+N redundancy is not supported on PSUs when the server is fully configured with BH640 V2 server blades.
Fan Modules 9 hot-swappable fan modules in N+1 redundancy mode
Management • 2 management modules in 1+1 redundancy mode
• Supported protocols: IPMI 2.0, SOL, SSL, and SSH
• Supports CLI, IPMI Tools, RMCP+, and web for management.
Power Supply 110V AC to 220V AC, or -48V DC
Operating Temperature 5°C to 35°C
Dimensions • Height: 353 mm (13.90 in.)
• Width: 447 mm (17.60 in.)
• Depth: 810 mm (31.89 in.)