5U SuperServer Solution

# of Processor Socket Type Processor Type
MP Xeon (LGA 1567 ) Intel 7500 (Boxboro-EX)

7500 (Boxboro-EX) SuperServer / LGA 1567 / MP Xeon 5U 8-Way Xeon® 7500 Series

Designed to be world's highest density 5U 8-way server with super-high computing performance, the multi-processor SuperServer 5086 series support the QPI format 8-Core Xeon® processors 7500 Series and 10-Core Xeon® processcors E7-8800 family in a high-density 5U form-factor. The 5086 SuperServers are ideal for Mission Critical Applications, High Performance In-Memory Database, Business Intelligence/Continuity, ERP, CRM, Virtualization, CAD, EDA tools, 3D Applications.  [ top ]

SuperServer Power Supply CPU Chipset Memory HDD
5086B-TRF 2800W Redundant (Gold) 8x (QPI) Intel 7500 (Boxboro-EX) 1024 GB DDR3 16x 2.5" HDDs (24x w/ opt. HDD module)