Huawei NetEngine Router 500E Cluster

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Huawei's Series Routers
Secure / Scalable Network Services with High-Performance Routers from Huawei.

Deliver resilient network services and communications with proven, best-in-class IP routers and gateways from Huawei.

From specialized integrated circuits optimized for reliability and processing performance, to advanced system architectures, modular design, and industry-leading management and security features, Huawei routers bring connected possibilities to life for small business, telecommunications giants, ISPs, and the global enterprise.

With Huawei, you get the speed, reliability, and security your users expect, while future-proofing your network with energy-efficient, flexible, and scalable IT infrastructure.

Huawei AR-G3-Series-Routers

Product Overview
AR3200 Series Enterprise Routers

Flexible, modular design with redundant control and forwarding boards, hot-swappable line cards, and comprehensive management and security features provide unified voice and data communication with exceptional performance and scalability.

Available Series :  AR3260

AR2200 Series Enterprise Routers

Resilient non-blocking fabric design in a flexible, modular router with built-in firewall and comprehensive security features to support unified voice and data communications for enterprise headquarters or branch offices.

Available Series :  AR2201-48FE | AR2202-48FE | AR2201-48FE | AR2220 | AR2220E | AR2240 | AR2240 | AR2201-48FE | AR2202-48FE

AR1200 Series Enterprise Routers

Big features in a compact switching router for small enterprise networks and branch locations in large-scale networks; FE, LAN, and GE WAN support, integrated wireless ACs, and Huawei’s QoE feature provide resilient wired and wireless voice communications.

Available Series :  AR1220-D | AR1220 | AR1220 | AR1220E | AR1220F | AR1220V | AR1220EV | AR1220W | AR1220VW | AR1220EVW

AR120/150/160/200 Series Enterprise Routers

Reliable, fixed-port Fast Ethernet routers for enterprise branch offices and small businesses; easy to deploy and manage, offering comprehensive routing, switching, voice, security, and wireless access; compliant with 3G and LTE standards.

Available Series :  AR121 | AR129 | AR151 | AR157VW | AR157W | AR161 | AR161F | AR161FG-L | AR161FGW-L
| AR161FW | AR161G-L | AR207 | AR207G-HSPA+7 | AR207V | AR207V-P | AR151G-HSPA+7 | AR151W-P | AR201 | AR156 | AR156W | AR157 | AR157G-HSPA+7 | AR158E | AR158EVW | AR162F | AR168F | AR169 | AR169F | AR169FVW | AR169FGW-L | AR169G-L | AR169FGVW-L | AR208E 

For more information with any of the Huawei AR G3 Router Series, please contact us directly. Our knowledgeable and experienced account managers will be able to assist you in choosing the best component based on your requirement.
Huawei NetEngine Series Routers

Product Overview
NetEngine5000E Cluster Routers

Huge capacity cluster routers for Internet backbone, metropolitan core, ISPs, and large enterprise networks; unique, back-to-back clustering option, energy-efficient technologies, and carrier-grade reliability ensure a robust, 100 GE routing platform.

NetEngine40E Series Universal Service Routers

Meet high bandwidth requirements in IP backbone networks, IDCs, and large enterprise networks; 480 GE line cards configurable to 10 GE and 100 GE ports provide resilient access in converged WANs and MANs; comprehensive QoS, user management, and accounting features.

NetEngine20E-S Series Universal Service Routers

High-performance, mid-range routing platform supporting rich IP/MPLS-based services for high-bandwidth access, aggregation, and edge routing between networks; energy-efficient design and cooling technologies allow high-density configuration and reduce TCO.

NE05E/08E Series Mid-range Service Routers

Comprehensive features in compact, energy-efficient routers optimized for resilient cloud-based services and Provider Edge (PE) applications.

For more information with any of the Huawei NetEngine Router Series, please contact us directly. Our knowledgeable and experienced account managers will be able to assist you in choosing the best component based on your requirement.
Huawei ME60 Series Multi-Service Control Gateways

Product Overview
ME60 Series Multi-Service Control Gateways
Performance, reliability, security, and comprehensive subscriber services and monetization features make Huawei’s ME60 the easy BRAS choice.

Highly scalable Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) gateways with comprehensive management and security features, including subscriber services and monetization support for professional broadcasting and multicast online learning applications.

Features :

  • 2 Tbit/s hardware platform supports high-capacity routing boards (10 Gbit/s to 240 Gbit/s) and Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) boards up to 160 Gbit/s
  • Capable of processing 1,000 user access requests per second per chassis; over 60,000 users can connect in one minute
  • Supports Destination Address Accounting (DAA) and alternative access modes including IPoX, PPPoX, 802.1x, and web authentication
  • Redundant, non-stop design implements Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP+), and Bi-directional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for link, BFD for VRRP
  • 1 + 1 or 1:1 inter- and intra-chassis hot backup ensures subscriber services are always online
  • Supports NAT44, NAT64, DS-Lite, and L2NAT

Available Series :  ME60-X16 | ME60-X8 | ME60-X3

For more information with any of the Huawei Multi-Service Control Gateways, please contact us directly. Our knowledgeable and experienced account managers will be able to assist you in choosing the best component based on your requirement.