Thunderbox Blu-Ray

Thunderbox 5U Network-Attached Blu-Ray Optical Archiving System utilizes m-disc which can provide up to 20TB of disc storage.
Thunderbox 5U Blu-Ray Optical Storage Data Solution

Blu-Ray Optical Archiving Solution

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Thunderbox Blu-Ray Optical Storage
5U Network-Attached Blu-Ray Archiving System

Blu-Ray based Optical Disc Archiving media are the most reliable and the cheapest price per gigabyte. Unlike the typical Hard Drives, blu-ray optical disc does not have any spinning parts. Other advantages over Hard Disks (HDD) and Flash Memory (SSD) are immunity to computer virus, disc failures (data loss), accidental deletion and long-term reliability.

Key Benefits

Lifecycle – Blu-Ray archive system last about 100 years while tape drive and hard drive last around 20 years or less.
Immune to virus – Once a Blu-Ray M disc is written there is no way to rewrite anything on it including virus attack
Low power – Blu-Ray archive disc consumes zero power when it’s in the idle stage.

Media Slots : 200
Dimension : (D)525mm X (W)430mm X (H)215mm
Weight: 19KGs
Power Consumption : 250W
Driver : BD-writer X 2/BD-writer X1 + RFID reader X1
Optical Disc Capacity : 20TB +
Network Port : 2X Gigabit Lan
Optical Disc Type : BDXL / BD-R
Average Data Seek Time : 7 sec.
Certificate : CE/DCC

HDD Disk Array System TAPE Archive System Blu_Ray Archive System
Read Speed 10 ms 70 ma 200 ms
Data Transmission 400 MBs 140 MBs 256 MBs
Average Life Span 3 Years 5 Years 100 Years
Data Reliability Potential Bad Disc Sector
Temperature : 14-24 C
Humidity : 20-40%
Tape Deterioration
Teperature: 16-25 C
Humidity : 20-50%
No Electro-magnetic Interference
Temperature L 10-55 C
Humidity : 20-80%
Environment AC Acquired AC Acquired Normal Room Temperature
Power Consumption
(30 yrs)
100 TB 108,000kWh 3,500kWh 3,200kWh
1000 TB 1,080,000kWh 6,600kWh 3,600kWh
TCO (30 yrs) 100 TB US$ 1,600,000 US$ 1,100,000 US$ 760,000
1000 TB US$ 16,100,000 US$ 1,510,000 US$ 1,040,000

5U Shared Surveillance Storage Blu-Ray Archiving Solution
5U SharedProduction Post-Production Storage Blu-Ray Archiving Solution

Application Usage :
5U Network-Attached Blu-Ray Archiving System

Mega Data Centers | Financial Institutions | Goverment Agencies | Medical Institution | Broadcasting/TV Stations | Files/Libraries | Business Units | Data Analysis Center

In today's Digital Era, Data are the most important assets within the IT industry. Keeping these Data Safe and Secured is the number one issue for many enterprises today. "Hot Backup" method such as HDD with electronic components have a very limited life-span and stored data can easily be modified.

"Cold Backup" such as Blu-Ray Optical Discs allows data to be stored offline and is a "read-only" media which makes it ideal for critial data archiving. Compared to HDD and SSD, Blu-Ray offers savings up to 50%, and requires a small amount of power consumption when processing. Power and air-conditioning are not required for long-term storage process.